Monolith Sideboard

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Monolith Sideboard by CedriMartini is characterized by a modern Italian design entirely hand-made. Decorated with beautiful polychrome enamels, each piece is unique and slightly different from the other, like a painting. Its frontal door is equipped with a retractable steel cable system that makes its opening very easy. Monolith Sideboard is ideal to enrich every modern living room or bedroom with an extra touch of charm.

Technical Information

  • Sideboard made of enamelled fiberglass
  • Front, top and sides enriched with an hand-made polychrome painting
  • Feet made of aluminum
  • Door opening with retractable steel cable system
  • Three compartments and one shelf inside
  • Two dimensions available
  • OPTION A 78.74" x 19.69" x 31.5"H  $10858.00
  • OPTION B 98.43" x 19.69" x 31.5"H  $12684.00
  • CHOOSE OPTIONS A OR B for sideboard size prior to placing in cart
  • Bespoke product
  • More options available upon request
  • For custom options please contact our Customer Service Team
  • Ships in 6 - 7 weeks