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Window Treatments in Stamford, CT

Window Shades & Blinds

High-Quality Window Blinds and Shades in Stamford, CT

Privacy is important to everyone, which is why at Thundersley Interiors, you can find all the window blindsand shades in Stamford, CT, for your comfort. Whether you’re looking for something opaque or semi-translucent, you can bet that we have it. Our versatile styles are sure to match your personal touch as they range from texture, material, color, and size. Elevate your space and visit us today! You can give our staff details about what you’re looking for, and they will help provide you with a plethora of options.

Our roller shades come in both manual and motorized options. The level of tech you want to invest in for your shades won’t take away from the stunning lighting and ambiance they can provide. The same goes for Roman shades; their eclectic appeal will make a fantastic and functional accent piece for any room in your home. Choosing window blinds and shades can add dimension to your home, depending on how opaque or translucent you prefer. It’s all about the lighting; it will add depth to a smaller room, making it look larger, or make a larger room warmer and more comfortable. Depending on your goals, we can help you find the choices that best suit your needs.

You can add to the aesthetic of your room with our custom window treatments. By personalizing your window treatments down to the fabric and style, we can make modifications that enhance your home's ambiance. From the most elaborate to modern and simplistic styles, we can offer several ways to modify your curtains and shades to suit your taste.